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  • Sku: MAC-100FT-E
  • Vendor: Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect Filter – Wall Mount/Ducted MAC-100FT-E

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Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to introduce the new air purifying filter, Plasma Quad Connect. This filter is suitable for both new and existing installations, including selected units from our M Series, Mr Slim, City Multi and Hybrid Series.

The Plasma Quad Connect Filter is a secondary filter connected to your air conditioner. Plasma Quad technology significantly improves indoor air quality by inhibiting six key indoor pollutants; Influenza virus, bacteria, PM2.5, allergens, mould and dust.

Compatible Units

  • Wall mounted split: MSZ-EF/MSZ-AP/MSZ-AS/GS, MSY-GN
  • Ducted: SEZ-M, PKA-M, PLA-M, PEAD-M
  • City multi: PKFY-P, PLFY-P (VEM), PEFY-P (VMS1/VMX/VMA)

LN Series comes equipped with built-in Plasma Quad Filtration as standard.


Filter Effectiveness Test Results


Up to 99% reduction of Influenza A virus, after 72 minutes in a 25m3 test space (@1.0m/s).*1


After 162 minutes in a 25m3 test space, up to 99% reduction of airborne bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus).*2


PM2.5 particles generated by cigarette smoke were reduced by up to 90%, after 83 minutes in a 25m3 test space and up to 99%, after 166 minutes in a 28m3 test space.*1


The Plasma filter inhibits up to 98% of airborne allergens (cat allergens and pollen) after passing through the filter only once.*3


Up to 99% reduction of airborne mould (Penicillium citrinum), after 135 minutes in a 25m3 space.*1


Airborne dust and mites are eliminated by up to 99.7%, after passing through the Plasma filter once.*3

Plasma Quad Connect

Air cleaning system using powerful plasma technology filters out even microscopic particles.

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Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect Filter – Wall Mount/Ducted MAC-100FT-E

$289.00 AUD
$198.00 AUD

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